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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Corpsing Dollar Tree Halloween Décor

Corpsing Dollar Tree Halloween Décor | Spooktacular
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Corpsing Dollar Tree Halloween Décor

So recently I was at a local Halloween Shop and saw some skulls of various sizes that looked mummified. I immediately picked one up to see it's price and was taken aback… These skulls range in price from about $13 to about $20 depending on their size. As I was looking them over and examining them I thought to myself "you know I could probably make these for much cheaper." And that's how the idea to corpse some Dollar Tree Halloween decorations was born.

Items Needed:
Gift Tissue Paper - Dollar Tree
Craft Paints - Walmart
Plastic Skeleton Arms - Dollar Tree
Plastic Skull - Dollar Tree
Paper Towel
Styrofoam Block (Optional)

Plastic Skeleton Arms

First, we'll start off with the plastic skeleton arms and attaching the ground stake. After attaching the ground stake to the plastic skeleton arm, I took the tissue paper and tore it into strips.  Next, I stuck the stake into the Styrofoam block using the Styrofoam block as a stand for the skeleton arm. 

Next, I mixed my red craft paint with some of the wood glue and start painting the skeleton arm.

Then I took the tissue paper strips and crumpled them in my hands before placing them on the skeleton arm and pressing them into the painted/glued areas.

Then I painted over the tissue paper with wood glue. I repeated those last two steps until the parts of the arm that I wanted to be covered with the tissue paper were covered.

Then I started mixing my other chosen colors with the waterproof wood glue and started painting the tissue paper.

I'm using waterproof wood glue because I plan on using these outside and need them to hole up to the humidity here in Florida. To get the color effect for "rotting, mummified skin" I used burnt umber, flesh tint, dark green, and black. Then I put a final coat of wood glue over the entire tissue paper covered plastic skeleton arm to blend all the colors used and to seal it. Finally, I set it off to the side to dry overnight.

Plastic Skull

First I painted the eye holes and nose hole with my flat black craft paint.

I then used the black craft paint to fill in the crevices in and around the teeth and filled in some of the cracks throughout the skulls.

Then I mixed the burnt amber with a smidge of red and painted the area around the mouth the teeth and areas around the cracks that I had painted black. These areas I will not be adding tissue paper.

Once I was finished painting those areas I took a piece of paper towel and dabbed the paint before it dried to remove the brush strokes. Blotting with the paper towel really gave it an authentic effect. I then rubbed some of the paint of the raised parts of the teeth.

Next, I took torn up bits of tissue paper and crumpled them up. Then after painting on some wood glue I pressed and painted the tissue paper into the glued areas using a glue/paint mixture. 

I repeated those last two steps until the parts of the Skull that I wanted to be covered with the tissue paper were covered. Then I put a final coat of wood glue over the entire skull to seal it. Finally, I set it off to the side to dry overnight.

Check out our video tutorial on Corpsing Dollar Tree Halloween Décor

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  1. Omg that's fantastic!!! You did an amazing job. It's perfect for a Halloween decoration. Very scary!

  2. Wow, that is very impressive! Your skull and bones came out very spooky looking. It looks like a fun craft project to do for the whole family - I know I would have fun doing this too! And bonus, that it's cheap!

  3. Wow, these look so good! Well done you for such a great project x

  4. These look really awesome. I have a good friend to share this with that will really love it. I’m impressed with your creativity.

  5. You did a great job. The skull and bones look so real and scary. Its a wonderful Halloween decoration.

  6. Oh wow. You are so talented! I usually get those that are already painted and just ready to hang or display. You did a really good job there!

  7. Wow, that looks real scary... :) You're very talented... :)

  8. This is crazy. You're so good in giving a step by step instruction. Love your tutorials!


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