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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

How to Create a Classic Look for Your Home

How to Create a Classic Look for Your Home
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Home decorating trends come and go, but a classic look is always in style. Clean and timeless, a classic décor can be easily updated to change with the seasons or prevailing fashions. Whatever the size or architecture of your home, you can bring a touch of elegance and tradition by focusing on a few key features.

Use Lots of Wood

The warm tones of wood create an atmosphere of luxury and sustainability. Wood is sturdy, natural, versatile, and easy to care for. Hardwood floors are a great investment since they last for decades and require very little maintenance. Wood floors lay the foundation for a classic design.

Even if your rooms have carpet, tile, or other flooring, you can still use wood furniture as a visual centerpiece of your room. A wood table in the dining room or a bedroom set of wood will draw the eye to its natural beauty. Wood can also be used in accent pieces, such as sculptures, clocks, shelves, and wall hangings.

Use Natural Color Tones

Natural color tones provide a neutral palette for your classic look. These colors are those found in nature, such as greens, browns, golds, and creams. Whether they’re used in light tints or dark, saturated tones, they are the perfect backdrop for your furniture and decorative items.

Natural colors harmonize well with one another, so you can easily mix and match. This will allow you to emphasize one color in each room while also creating a visual flow from room to room. When your room needs a fresh look, you can easily add any color as an accent.

Lay Down an Area Rug

Area rugs can define space, especially in homes with an open concept floor plan. In a living room, an area rug can create an intimate area for conversation. Placed under a dining room table, a rug draws everyone together in a welcoming place. Rugs can add to the theme of the room with their design, color, and texture.

Using an area rug also has practical benefits, especially if your floors are wood or tile. A rug will help reduce noise and cut down on echoes in a room with a high ceiling. It will also protect your floor from stains or dents. Finally, a rug makes a soft place for kids and pets to play.

Add a Fireplace

Fireplaces are classic, whatever their design. The fire and warmth naturally draw people in and provide a relaxing ambiance. Most fireplaces are made of brick, stone, and wood—natural materials—that blend perfectly with a classic décor.

Installing a wood-burning fireplace can be a major project because it requires constructing a chimney and adding protecting walls and floors. It’s better to hire a professional contractor rather than trying to do it yourself. After installation, you’ll need to learn to care for it. A fireplace requires a lot of work to maintain and keep clean. Gas and electric fireplaces tend to be cleaner and often less expensive alternatives to the wood-burning types.

Hang Curtains

Shades and blinds are popular for a contemporary look, but curtains will contribute better to a traditional, classic design. The wide range of fabrics and styles available allows you to create either a casual or more formal look to suit the use of the room and your personal taste.

Curtains soften a room through the flow of the fabric and by blocking harsh sunlight. They also make the room quieter and warmer. Curtains provide insulation that keeps out the cold in the winter and heat in the summer, thus lowering your energy bills. When drawn tight, they can give you complete privacy.

Decorate with Plants

Indoor plants are enjoying a comeback in popularity, but the truth is, they have always been a part of a classic look. Plants bring a bit of nature inside, where they freshen the air and surround you with peace and life energy. The various types and sizes of plants give you many options on how to use them. You can fill a corner with a potted palm or place a small spider plant on a shelf.

In choosing the right plant for the right space, pay attention to the light and temperature in the room. Some plants will not do well in dark places or near a heating or cooling vent. If you choose artificial plants, make sure they are high quality. It might be an option to mix real plants and artificial plants for a full look.

Use Lamps

Overhead lighting is useful but it can be harsh. For a softer, more classic look, use floor lamps and table lamps. They can provide needed light in dark spaces while also adding to the design of the room. Lamp bases can be wood, metal, ceramic, stone, or other materials, and the shades come in a variety of shapes and textures.

In choosing a lamp, look at the color and design, but also pay attention to the height. A lamp that is too tall can make the room look unbalanced. A too-small lamp may be inadequate as a light source.

Hang Paintings

In decorating the walls, many people like to get creative and hang up unusual things such as baskets, hats, or three-dimensional metal sculptures. But a classic look deserves classic wall hangings—framed paintings. You can choose prints of landscapes, florals, portraits, or even reproductions of famous paintings.

Keep in mind that the frame will add to your room design as much as the painting will. Wood frames are the most traditional. Framed mirrors work well, also. You can cluster small pictures together or fill a space with a larger painting. Consider hanging a large picture or mirror over your fireplace.

The design of your home should reflect your personal style and meet the needs of your lifestyle. A classic look is elegant and timeless, but also comfortable and welcoming. It’s an easy style to achieve with a few simple additions or changes.  

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