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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

My AncestryDNA Journey Review

My Ancestry DNA Journey Review
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So, I’ve been wanting to do the whole “what am I made of” DNA test for a while now. Like many families, there have been so many stories told and assumptions made as to our family heritage, that the opportunity to affordably solve these mysteries was just too enticing for me!

In 2017 my mother ordered her kit on a discounted price. After her results came in and we were going over all the information provided, we couldn’t help but notice that something was missing… You see my mother’s side of the family has always claimed to have a connection to several Native American tribes on both her mother and father’s side. These family stories and claims have been passed down through generations. However, upon reading her results they were not there! This was not a big surprise to me at all because I had suspected a different ethnic background all together. Aside from the fact that my mother and I have zero physical traits that you would commonly see in someone with native American heritage; in my own research on I was never able to find any supporting information that would link our family to any Native American tribes. However, I was able to link some of our family all the way back to pre Christian Rome, which was never one of the origins mentioned in our family history.

Well her DNA results proved my research and assumptions correct! A smidge of Italian, YES! Native American? A big whopping NO at 0%... Her results intrigued me even more and now I really wanted to know what else could possibly be running through these veins? What other mysteries could be uncovered in my own DNA?  I just had to get one! So, I patiently waited for the kits to go on sale again, because of course I’m always looking for a good sale and Krazy Deals!! Sure enough Ancestry had a 40% off sale right around Christmas time and I was able to get my kit for only $59.00! So, I finally ordered one!!

My kit arrived about a week or so later. I’m honestly not sure exactly how long it took for the order to be delivered because I was sick when it arrived and didn’t take note of its arrival date… Speaking of being sick, I had gotten Strep Throat before the kit arrived so I wanted to wait till I was all better and done with my round of antibiotics before providing my saliva sample. Would that have affected my DNA sample? Well, according to my research, it is advised to wait until after you’ve completed your antibiotics and are fully recovered.

So, included in my AncestryDNA kit was a welcome/ Instruction pamphlet, 1 collection bag, 1 collection tube with accompanying cap full of stabilizing fluid and 1 prepaid mailing box. The instructions were very simple, straight forward and easy to follow. I then logged into my ancestry account to activate my test which was also a pretty straight forward process. I liked that I was able to opt-in or out of sharing options throughout the activation process and if I changed my mind about how I wanted my DNA information shared, I could go into my settings and change them accordingly at a later date. Go to AncestryDNA to learn more about their Privacy StatementAfter activating my kit online and waiting at least a half hour after drinking anything per the instructions (of course it was more like 45mins to an hour), I filled my collection tube up to the squiggly black line with my saliva, removed the funnel top and replaced it with the accompanying cap and tightened until the blue stabilizing fluid was released. I then shook the collection tube per the instructions to mix the stabilizing fluid with my saliva sample. I then placed the tube in the collection bag and sealed it. Then I placed it all in the prepaid mailing box that was included in the kit and sealed it. Finally I took the box to the post office to mail it back to Ancestry.

Now the waiting begins! According to the pamphlet, it takes 6-8 weeks from the time they receive your sample to complete your DNA test. I mailed my sample on 1/8/2018. I got an email confirmation that the lab received my AncestryDNA sample on 1/11/2018 and I received my email notification that my AncestryDNA results were ready on 2/22/2018. Which if my calculations are correct that is exactly 6 weeks to the day! Color me impressed!!

AncestryDNA Sample Received Email and AncestryDNA Results Ready Email

The DNA Results Summary is broken up into 3 sections; DNA Story, DNA Matches, and DNA Circles. 

AncestryDNA Results Summary

The DNA Story shows you a pie chart with an ethnicity estimate, according to, “your ethnicity estimate includes regions based on two different scientific processes: the AncestryDNA reference panel and Genetic Communities™.You may also see "trace regions" in your ethnicity estimate, this amount of matching DNA is often 1% or less. You can also view a map of where your ancestors lived, read about each ethnicity match and country and see your ancestor’s migration. In the DNA Matches section, AncestryDNA has compared your DNA to the DNA of every other person in their database to determine who you might be related to; they even show you how you’re related. Then there is the DNA Circles, according to the, “DNA Circle is a group of individuals who all have the same ancestor in their family trees and where each member shares DNA with at least one other individual in the circle.” Each section has a help and info section offering articles and videos to help you better understand your results.

So, my results? Well, I’m 100%! Pretty much what I have been told growing up was confirmed, minus the Native American of course, a few new origins that were not expected but interesting none the less and a lifelong question finally answered!! I am 100% satisfied with my results and experience with AncestryDNA and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone interested in finding out what they are made of!! I have been a member of since 2010 and am looking forward to continuing to grow my family tree with all my new DNA matches. Krazy Deal Daze gives AncestryDNA 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Use the link below and save $10 off the current promotional price:

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Thank you for stopping by and checking out My AncestryDNA Journey Review! Have you ever heard of AncestryDNA before? Have you tried AncestryDNA? What did you think? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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  1. oh wow, this is interesting. This gets me curious and wanted to know where I came from haha. Me and my friend were just talking about ancestors last week. I hope it's not expensive :)

  2. Oh wow I am desperate to do one of these DNA tests! My family history is really interesting, we all have dark skin despite being of white british origin that we know of, I think it would be interesting to see where we descended from!

  3. This is something pretty interesting, never knew that we could get the DNA test for the ancestry with that ease..Would love to have mine done

  4. How cool is this, I would love to give this kit a go and find out about my roots x

  5. This is fascinating! It's so cool to me that we can get so precise with these tests now. I hear pretty often that most people think they have ties to Native American tribes but few actually do. This makes me wonder if I'm as much of a mutt as I think I am...

  6. This is actually really interesting to try. I know it's a bit unbelievable but then why not try it? It's just a matter of precision with the results but then it's fun to do as well. I might be Russian or Serbian or maybe American.

  7. This is something I’ve always wanted to do! So cool to learn things about yourself that you had no clue about.

  8. So glad that you got to answer questions about your family's origin. Sounds like a pretty cool DNA test to take if you want to know more about your family ancestry and I love that it's not complicated at all.

  9. So cool!! I've ALWAYS wanted to test this out. I'm sure the results would be super interesting for sure. :)

  10. That's pretty cool. I have read a lot about Ancestry DNA. I would definitely be curious about where they said I was from, but I guess I like you would be European.

  11. I've always wanted to do one of these! My family has Guyanese, Haitian, Saudi Arabian and Arawak roots, but I've been so curious about the specifics. I definitely want to look into the special offer that you've linked to, especially if it gets you a $10 amazon gift card!



  12. Wow! That is so interesting that you got to know your true roots! Though I never had an interest in Genetics during my college days, therefore haven't read anything about Ancestry DNA.


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