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Sunday, November 19, 2017

DIY Fall Bucket Vase Floral Tutorial

Welcome to the 2017 Falling into Autumn Series

Be sure to watch the Tutorial Video below!
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It's Autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere and almost Thanksgiving!! So what are you thankful for? We're thankful for family, friends, and slightly cooler weather (Florida Falls can still be a little warm). This is our second Fall and Thanksgiving in this house so, I still have a few "empty" spaces to fill with some Fall goodness!

Our first project in our 2017 Falling into Autumn Series is this beautiful metal bucket vase I made using items from the Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby and items I already had just laying around. All the Fall florals used in this project I got for 40% off at Hobby Lobby.

You'll Need:Metal Bucket Vase (Dollar Tree)
Floral Form (Dollar Tree)
Contact Paper (Dollar Tree)
Fall Florals (Hobby Lobby)
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Exacto Knife
Wire Snippers
Masking Tape
Spray Paint
Something heavy to weigh down the vase

I started by cutting a piece of contact paper from some leftover I had lying around. It needs to be cut big enough to be able to run through your printer. I then used my Microsoft Publishing program to create the word Fall and selected my font. I then flipped the writing to print to the back side of the contact paper.

I then put the contact paper into my printer like you would a piece of paper. Because it was rolled up it didn't want to lay flat, so I used a ruler and carefully held it in place to help the contact paper lay flat till the printer picked it up and started printing.

Now to cut out your word. I used both scissors and an Exacto knife. When you print the words backwards after you cut out your word and peel the backing off when you adhere it to your project it will be legible again.

After you cut out your word, peel off the backing and apply sticky side down to the vase. When using contact paper for this, it's really easy to take it off a re-adhere it to the project as many times as you need to till you get it just right.

Once I got the word placed just right, I grabbed some masking tape to tape off the roped top part of the vase.

Now time to paint! (I still had some left over from last year’s Fall crafts)

After your vase is fully dry you can remove the masking tape and the contact paper. I used my Exacto knife to help gently lift an edge so I could peel it off.

Then I hot glued my weighted object to the inside bottom of my vase (I tore apart an old weighted balloon holder from the dollar tree.)

Then I inserted the floral foam.

Using your wire snippers trim your Fall florals to size.

Insert your Fall florals into your floral foam and repeat till you get your desired look and fullness.

Now to find it a new home in your Fall decor!!

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