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Monday, November 20, 2017

DIY Fall Leaves LED Candle Set Tutorial

These LED Fall Candles are so cute!!
Be sure to watch the how to Video below!
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So I've seen a few of these LED Candle sets (minus the tray) when I've been out and about and I thought they were really cute. I just didn't want to spend 15+ dollars on them. So I wracked my brain trying to figure out how to create my own. The only part I really struggled with was the leaves, because I wanted to do this project for fewer than $10 including the tray. Well, I have a leaf mold I had gotten from Michael's and was like "hey! What if I put hot glue in them? I wonder if that'll work?" Well it did!! So not including the stuff I already had, I spent less than $7 on these.

You'll need:
3 LED Candles (Dollar Tree)
Burlap Ribbon (Dollar Tree)
Twine (Dollar Tree)
Metallic Craft Paints (Michael's)
Silicone Leaf Mold (Michael's)
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Paint Brush
Metal Tray (Dollar Tree)
Spray Paint

First we're going to paint the tray and set it off to the side to dry.

Then grab the silicone leaf mold and your glue gun. Make sure your glue gun is set to high. Then fill the bottom of the leaf mold with hot glue. Don't fill to the top, fill just enough to cover the leaf impression on the bottom and set aside to dry.

After removing the LED candles from their packaging and removing any pull tabs for their batteries, you should turn them on to make sure they work before beginning the next part.

Once you know your LED candles work, it's time to wrap them with the burlap ribbon. Wrap the ribbon around the candle to determine how long it should be, then grab your scissors and cut your ribbon to size. Your ribbon should just slightly overlap.

Then run a bead of glue from your glue gun down the side of your candle. Lay the very edge of one end of your ribbon along your glue line and wrap the ribbon around until both ends meet and carefully press down. The hot glue will seep through the burlap ribbon and grab both ends but the glue can still be very hot so be careful not to burn yourself!

Now it's time to de-mold your leaves from your leaf mold. This is very easy to do. You just lightly push up on the bottom of the mold until you leaf pops out. You may have to clean the edges of your leaves up a bit with a pair of scissors.

It’s time to paint your leaves. You can spray paint them if you would prefer, I chose to paint mine with a brush. Don't forget to get the sides and back of each leaf. I did two coats on each.

Then wrap some twine around each candle and tie a bow. I wrapped the twine around mine twice. You can use your hot glue gun to make sure the bow stays where you want it.

Once the paint on your leaves is dry you can then glue them to the candles using your glue gun.

Finally, set your candles in the tray and find it it's me home amongst your fall decor!

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