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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

DIY Fall Leaves Place Mat Tutorial

How Festive are these Fall Leaves Place Mats!?
Be sure to watch the how to Video below!
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While shopping at a local retailer for some upcoming projects I saw these really cute place mats and a runner. I was shocked at the price tag on these... I thought $29.99 was a bit too steep and upon closer inspection realized I could make several of these for less than $5. My total out of pocket cost was only three dollars for the two I made and I had left over material.

You'll need:
Roll of draw liner (Dollar Tree)
Bags of Leaves (Dollar Tree)
Something round to trace
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Stick
Pen, marker or colored pencil in a contrasting color to you drawer liner.

First, lay out your drawer liner and position your round objects on top to be traced.

Take your chosen writing tool and trace around your round objects.

 Then remove your round objects from the drawer liner and cut out your traced shape.

You should now have a round piece of drawer liner. Take your leaves and separate the different styles and decide how you want to apply them.

Once you've separated your leaves and decided how you want to apply them, you can grab your glue gun and start gluing them on. Make sure your leaves slightly overhang the edge of the drawer liner.

Work your way around layering each new row slightly over the previous so the none of the drawer liner shows through.

Keep gluing in this manner until you've covered the whole drawer liner.

And your done now it's time to enjoy your new place mats!!

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