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Friday, March 23, 2018

DIY Furniture Makeover -Transforming An Old Table Bought Off Facebook

Old Furniture Made New Again
Old to New DIY Furniture Makeover

Be sure to watch the video below to see the table's transformation

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DIY Furniture Makeover

Transforming an Old Table Bought Off Facebook

Transforming old furniture into new is one of my favorite hobbies. I have a home full of old furniture, which I've revamped to look new again. One of the reasons I love refinishing Furniture is because, I love unique, solid wood pieces, with character.

I am not a big fan of new furniture because most furniture today is not even made of real wood... It's made of particle board covered in a thin film that has a wood-like print on it or thin sheets of wood veneer... If you want furniture made out of solid wood, plan on spending big money!

When I'm looking for "new" pieces to add to my home, the first things I look at are; is it real wood, can it be salvaged, and how cheap can I get it? Okay.., do I really need it? Is in there too somewhere...

This table, however, was not for me. It was for my mom. She was looking to get a new coffee table for her house that she had just bought; the brand new table she purchased right before buying this house had already started peeling... We had talked about her desire to get a new table, she even sent me a screenshot of the table she was interested in getting.

About a week or so later I stumbled across this Beauty on a Facebook yard sale group! So not only did I save her a bunch of money, she gets a "new" table with a cute backstory that was refinished with love!

So how much did this project cost? Well, if you had to buy all the supplies for this project it would cost around $96.27. I, however, had everything on hand except for the clear polyurethane, because I had run out on a previous project. So my total investment was less than $20, that sure sounds like a Krazy deal to me!

To see the table transformation from old to new be sure to watch the video below.

Here are the products used in this project:

So, what do you prefer? New or slightly used and just needs a little TLC?

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  1. It’s great that you had everything on hand. I love to refurbish stuff. More fun than buying something brand new. Looks great too!

  2. This is such a good post! I have successfully transformed 1 table. I have 2 more to go!!! Thanks for the read.

  3. I love refurnishing furniture! such a cheap and efficient way to get some really unique furniture! you did a great job with that table. I'm sure you mum has given it a great home!

  4. I do love the darker color, it looks more modern and classy. It's so fun to make projects like this at home, definitely something that I'd enjoy doing!

  5. Now this is way too creative! Transforming an old table to new sounds so enjoyable from your side. And it is absolutely one way to change the interior set-up in the house. I love the new look especially!

  6. I have so many of these projects I want to start this summer but I dont know where to start. I think this video will really help me out with my reno goals!

  7. Your projects are always amazing. I wish I had the talent to refurbish furniture. The table looks amazing!

  8. OMG I needed this post. I have a sideboard that I have been meaning to revamp, but have been a little scared to do. But after reading this I am feeling more confident.

  9. Wow you guys did an amazing job. I love when people upcycle items rather than spending money on a brand new one. This gives that item a new chance for "life".

  10. What a great transformation. I love DIY and upcycle projects where old, useless things can take on a new life. Spectacular job! :)

  11. Wow! Good for ya! That's a lot of effort for me though. I wish that I have the time and patience because transforming something like that can be quite therapeutic. :D

  12. I love the way you transformed it . Now it looks brand new and gorgeous. I didn't Facebook sell good stuff. I'm gonna look something for my home too. Thanks!

  13. I love DIY. I'm spending far too little time doing something creative with my hands - besides typing on a computer or editing pictures on a computer or designing flyers on a computer or.... get the picture?

  14. Wow! I love making DIY projects. I'm a bit of a handy man myself. I love a good old table which I can convert to a coffee table.

  15. I am a crafter first so I would totally diy anything and everything. The table turned out looking gorgeous.

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