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Handy Tips on Interior Design that Won’t Break the Bank

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 Handy Tips on Interior Design that Won’t Break the Bank
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You want your home to look like a designer's dream, but you don't have wads of cash to

throw around to make it happen. Fortunately, there are ways you can create an exquisite
design for your home's interior without breaking your budget. All it takes is patience and
a good eye for a bargain. Let's examine four ways you can get the décor of your dreams
on a budget.

Buying Gently Used Furniture

Brand new furniture can be enticing. Just take a walk through a furniture store and you
are surrounded by furniture that would look good in every corner of your home. Unfortunately,
if you take a look at the price tag, you will go into sticker shock. You can blow your decorating
budget on just one couch or chair. For those looking for a bargain, gently used furniture is the
way to go. Sometimes thrift stores used to make money for charity have fantastic deals on
everyday household items and furniture. Then, not only are you receiving a good deal, but
you’re also helping to support others in need.

Invest in Certain Items

Certain items make a big impact on a space. Curtains, rugs, and artwork can bring a room
together. If you have a small budget, it is important to set aside a part of it to cover these c
ritical items. Consider them an investment in your home's beauty and functionality. Window
coverings are one area you don't want to skimp on. Invest in really nice curtains to spruce up
the room as they are cheap and help diffuse harsh sunlight into your rooms. You can add
blinds for light control or shutters for a different look.

Rugs are another area you need to invest in. They offer an additional layer of color and
texture on top of your flooring. They are also practical offering a soft surface to walk and
sit on. High-quality rugs will last for decades with routine care. Artwork can also brings
beauty into the space. On a limited budget, the smart move is to invest in a focal point piece.
It doesn't need to be the most expensive, but it should carry a significant impact.

Patience and a Plan

When it comes to decorating on a budget, the biggest way to save money is to have patience
and a plan. Patience is required to find your ideal pieces at a bargain price. You must wait for
sales and price markdowns. You need to spend time finding those gently used furniture pieces
that pop up on occasion. You have to gather the parts for your DIY projects. You need to
decide where to invest your budget. You can also use that time to save up money for the
next phase of your design project.

A plan is ultimately how you save the most money. When you have a plan, you have a
roadmap of what you want to buy. You know the textiles you desire, the furniture pieces you
need and the look you are going for. With a plan, you aren't buying unneeded or impulse
items. Plus, as you gather the things for your project, you can check them off one-by-one
with a sense of budget satisfaction.

Go the DIY Route

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One of the most significant costs of professional interior design is the labor involved in some projects.
It is not uncommon to hire professionals to handle installing a new floor or painting the walls.
For someone on a budget, labor costs can put certain upgrades out of reach.

Fortunately, a bit of DIY skill and some sweat equity can keep the budget under control.
There are videos and how-to articles available on our website to help you tackle many
of your interior design projects. Additionally, many home improvement stores have experts on
hand for advice and some even teach classes on common DIY projects. If a project is a bit
too daunting, ask your family and friends to help. It's likely one of them has done a similar
project and can give you an experienced hand. It will make the work go faster and usually
won't cost more than a pizza and a drink.

Don't let your dreams of a well-decorated home go to the wayside due to budget concerns.
You can use these tips to help you get the interior design you dream about without breaking
the bank in the process.

Thanks for stopping by to read our Handy Tips on Interior Design that Won’t Break the Bank. Which tip was your favorite? We would love to hear your feedback. Please let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I agree I designed my own bedroom and everyone loves it. If u plan it yourself, you will love it vecbeca you will get exactly what you want because no one can interpret your dreams/imagination/expectations. Except you.

  2. That's just what I need! We are trying to do some renovations but the price of labor and materials is not something we can afford now, so it's nice to learn that we can just do it ourselves.

  3. These are excellent tips! I'm always looking for ways to save on renovations, especially since they add up so quickly!

  4. Awesome ideas! My parents were so into DIY that it feels weird to hire someone to paint or lay tiles haha. I also think used furniture is a fun idea . . . antiques add a unique look to your house!

  5. Excellent ideas. I just love to do it myself. I get to work on my ideas and get the results I desire. I have just completed my home office and save a lot on my budget

  6. Good ideas, thanks to your post I have already some ideas. Second hand is definitively a good idea. There is so many stuffs that people don't want so why not.

    Ben - www.nutrition-newage.com

  7. I love your blog - I am constantly stalking the internet for deals and money saving blogs and I can't wait to read more :)

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