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Friday, January 7, 2022

How to Plan a Party on a Budget

How to Plan a Party on a Budget

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Every party host wants their guests to leave happy, satisfied, and let’s face it, impressed. But the cost of so many things that go into a party, such as food, beverages, decorations, and party rentals, can add up quickly. If keeping within your budget is important, don’t worry—you can plan a successful party and save money at the same time.

Make Simple Invitations

Small get-togethers require just a phone call or text, but for larger or more formal parties, invitations are in order. The trouble is, buying personalized and mailing invitations can be expensive. If the occasion allows, consider sending out digital invitations. Several websites and social media platforms offer free or low-cost digital invitations. You can design and personalize them online, and collect RSVPs when people respond. If you prefer printed invites or if a keepsake invitation is desired, such as for a special anniversary, you can also take advantage of low-cost websites that let you order printed invitations. Of course, you’ll want to plan ahead to leave extra time for shipping and mailing.

Focus on Free Entertainment

Kids don’t care if you hire an expensive character impersonator or rent an inflatable bouncer—they just want to have fun. For kids, that means being active and playing. If a kids’ party is being held outdoors, you can’t go wrong with classics like sack races or ball tosses. For the indoors, searching games and crafts can be fun. 

Just like kids, grown-ups like games, too. Organize a bean-bag throw contest (called cornhole in some areas) and offer inexpensive prizes for other kinds of competitions. Instead of hiring a DJ, hook up some speakers and stream your own music playlist. This can even work at weddings with some planning.

Reuse Old Supplies

Every party seems to end up with surplus supplies like extra paper plates, napkins, streamers, or balloons. With a little creativity, you can repurpose supplies from a previous party and create new decorations. You can make paper flowers from leftover streamers or party napkins. Or, add a new color and braid streamers together for a fresh look.

For kids, leftover paper plates can be folded into baskets to use for party favor bags. You can also use paper plates for kids’ crafts and games. The backs of paper plates make a great canvas for drawing and coloring. Use scissors to cut holes in the plates, and they can be transformed into masks.

Buy in Bulk

Whether you shop at a big-box warehouse retail store or an online shop, buying in bulk can save you money. Food, decorations, and other party supplies can all be purchased in large quantities at discount prices. Frozen party foods like chicken wings, meatballs, and other finger foods are available in large boxes, for instance, which can save you both money and time. For a large party, buying napkins, paper plates, drinking cups, and other serving supplies are also less expensive at bulk shops. Multi-tiered stands can make food such as hors d’oeuvres and desserts look appealing. Toothpicks add detail to your food presentation that will impress people without breaking the bank.

Encourage BYOB

Drinks are expensive, especially beer, wine, and spirits. For more informal parties, it’s perfectly acceptable to request guests to bring their own drinks or contribute to the bar. You may ask directly by putting BYOB on the invitations, but there are also some fun ways to subtly encourage it. For an adult party, consider throwing a wine tasting or beer tasting party. Ask guests to bring their favorite wine or craft beer. Use plastic shot glasses to set up tasting flights and ask guests to rate and vote for their favorite. The winner can win an inexpensive prize, such as a bottle opener or corkscrew, and afterward, everyone shares the leftover beverages.

Make It Appetizers Only

Unless you’re not specifically hosting a dinner party, you may not need to serve a meal or a full buffet. Everyone loves finger foods, and an appetizers-only party can satisfy your guests’ hunger and save you money in the long run. By offering a wide range of appetizers, from vegetables to gluten-free desserts, you can also meet your guests’ varying dietary needs.

For informal parties, a simple browsing table will work, but if you want to ramp it up a notch, serve some more unusual foods and take some time with the presentation. Tapas and small plates are popular trends these days, and the appetizers-only theme is even being used for weddings.

Use Your Backyard

Moving a party outdoors has a number of advantages, and not just on your budget. Most people’s backyards can comfortably accommodate more people than their living rooms, so you can expand the invitation list. Outdoor parties also require less elaborate decorations: just add some lights or a few flowering plants. If rain is a risk, consider renting a tent or canopy. It can be much less expensive than renting a venue. A backyard party doesn’t have to be a kids’ party or barbecue. With the right touches, you can transform your backyard into a more formal venue. Many couples save thousands of dollars by hosting a backyard wedding.

Make It a Potluck

Family parties are often potlucks, and they’re usually a hit. Everyone looks forward to Grandma’s potato salad or Uncle Joe’s hot wings. But potlucks can be fun experiences for other types of parties, too. Start by choosing a theme, such as a specific cuisine or occasion. Part of the entertainment is getting to sample a variety of dishes. You can ask people to indicate what they will bring or assign people certain categories, such as appetizers, side dishes, salad, entrĂ©es, and dessert. You might also want to set a size or price range per item so that everyone contributes an equitable amount. Label the dishes and encourage tasting size portions.

A great party doesn’t have to be expensive to be enjoyable. Whatever the occasion of the party, you can save money without forgoing anything needed for people to have a good time. With a little imagination, you can host a memorable event that doesn’t break your budget.

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Monday, June 21, 2021

Tips on How to Budget for a Great Summer

How to Budget for a Great Summer
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Tips on How to Budget for a Great Summer


Summer is such a wonderful time of year. The kids are out of school, the weather is nice, and there's a grand feeling of fun and excitement that comes with the season. With so many choices for recreation, however, you may find it challenging to fit everything you want to do within your budget. Thankfully, if you plan ahead, you can enjoy all the advantages of summer without breaking your bank!


Take in a Matinee


Many of the most exciting film releases of the year occur in the summertime. Many summers, you can see a new movie every week for the entire season. Seeing an afternoon showing offers a way to beat the heat and relax. You can see the latest releases and often pay half-price compared with an evening showing!


Some movie theaters such as Regal, Megaplex, Cinemark and AMC to name a few, offer summer specials for family-friendly movies, check with your local theaters to see if they offer any of these summer specials.


For even more savings at the movie theater, cut back at the snack bar. Your waistline will thank you, and so will your pocketbook. Your afternoon at the movies will be just as satisfying.


You can save even more with a movie rental subscription. That way, you can sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home and still enjoy an inexpensive evening of entertainment.


Take Advantage of Group Rates


Many theme parks and attractions offer a family package or discounts for groups of a certain size. Sometimes, you have to ask for the group rate. But if you're planning an outing with friends, you can stretch the money you save on a group rate and enjoy more of the activities that the summer has to offer.


Airlines and hotels frequently offer family or group rates for travel during the summer as well. If you're planning to travel this summer, shop around for the best bargains and save yourself some cash.


Think Local


In the summer months, many travel far away in search of adventure. In many cases, you can experience a similar adventure without venturing too far from your home. Save money on hotels, plane tickets, and baggage fees by exploring all that your local area has to offer this summer.


If you're not sure about what fun things are available in your area, try searching the Internet for your city's name and "tourism." You might be surprised to find that the adventure you seek is right in your own backyard!


Browse for Deals


Shopping around for the best deal is important when traveling this summer, but it can also save you money close to home. Stiff competition in your neighborhood could cause restaurants, diners, and attractions to offer great specials to steer you away from the competition.


Bowling alleys, golf courses, zoos, and many other fun summer activities often have summer deals for customers. If you invest a little time to search for these deals, your friends and family can often enjoy an outing together for much less than you would expect.


Know Your Limits


Summer offers many recreational choices. Sometimes, however, the best option is to say no. Your body needs rest, and so does your mind. Choose the activities that best fit your interests, and say no to the others. You'll experience more energy and peace within yourself while saving money at the same time.


Summer can be an expensive time of year, but it doesn't have to break your budget. By making wise choices with your money and slowing down a little, you can enjoy summer recreation and save money at the same time.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out our Tips on How to Budget for a Great Summer! What budgeting tips do you use? Be sure to let us know in the comments below! If you enjoyed this post, we’d be very grateful if you’d help it spread by emailing it to a friend or sharing it on Twitter and/or Facebook. Don't want to lose this? Pin it on Pinterest so you can get back to it later!

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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Top 10 Budgeting Strategies To Help You Curb Overspending

This post contains paid affiliate links, please read our Advertising Disclosure Statement.

Top 10 Budgeting Strategies To Help You Curb Overspending 

At Krazy Deal Daze were not just about spending money on Krazy Deals!

In the event that your spending habits have you digging for pennies before the next payday, it might be time for a change. Unfortunately, running out of cash before payday, especially if you do it over and over, can cause a lot of undue stress that can negatively affect not only your pocketbook but your health as well. 

However, all hope is not lost and you can reduce this stress and get back on track with your finances by reevaluating and altering your spending habits.

So how can you accomplish this?

Try these budgeting techniques:

1.      Make a Master List. The first step to any well-thought-out action plan is to develop a list! So you’re going to start by making a list of all your loan payments and credit card bills. You’ll expand your awareness about the number of creditors you have, the total amount you owe, and the due dates of your monthly payments.

·         On the list, have 5 columns: the name of the creditor, your monthly payment, the due date of each month’s payment, the amount of interest you’re charged, and the total amount you owe.

2.      Add other monthly expenditures to your Master List. Next, list things like your rent or mortgage payment, grocery costs, gasoline costs, and anything else you pay monthly. Estimate the amounts for your cable, water, garbage, cell phone, and utility bills, using last month’s statements. Your Master List should reflect all your outgoing expenditures.

3.      Establish priorities. Which bills do you see as the most important? Mark them in some way by highlighting or circling them.


·         Don’t know what bill has the highest priority: A good place to start is your housing! Your rent or mortgage should always be at the top of your list. If you require transportation to get to your job, then I would personally have that as my second priority! If you can’t get to work, that can definitely hinder your ability to make the money to pay the bills.

4.      Survey the remaining bills. In looking at these non-priority bills, you can most likely discover some areas in which you can lower your costs.

5.      Examine frivolous expenditures. Are you spending $50 a week on fancy coffees? Do you stop after work for a few beers with co-workers two or three days a week? Are you going out to eat or ordering takeout more than two times a week? If so, consider the amount of money you spend on these sorts of activities. Which expenditures can you reduce? Which can you cut out completely?


6.      Call your credit card and utility companies to request lower interest rates or payments. Make a notation on your Master List of the reduced rates and/or payments you receive. Also, note any companies that refuse to reduce your rates. Remember it never hurts to ask and the worst that could happen is they simply say no. Make the decision to stop using credit cards with high-interest rates.

7.      Take decisive steps to reduce your expenses. For example, if you’re paying out $200 a month for premium cable channels and they are unwilling to reduce your bill (In my personal experience they have always reduced my bill when I call and ask for a lower payment), you have the power to cut your cable bill by removing the service completely.

8.      Determine how you can bring in additional dollars. You could consider getting a second job. There are other money-making opportunities you could consider as well. Are you a crafter? Sell your crafts on Etsy. Do you have a lot of items around your house that you don’t use or need anymore? Host a yard sale or list the items for sale on a community marketplace site like Facebook marketplace. Use cashback apps and extension browsers such as Fetch Rewards, Ibotta, Honey, and Rakuten when shopping for necessities. Then, use the extra money you earn to pay off debts. Recognize you do have the power to change things.

9.      Keep your Master List with you throughout the day. Each time you’re about to make a purchase, glance at the list and reflect on your bills and financial goals. Ask yourself if you truly need what you’re about to purchase. Allow yourself to feel proud about this new routine.

10.  Record your thoughts and feelings about the changes you’re making. It’s a challenge to try to change something about yourself, and how you manage your finances is no different. Write down how you’re feeling about adjusting your spending habits. It also helps to write about your financial goals, why you are trying to pay down your debt, why you’re trying to save money, and what are the financial goals you’re working towards.  Be optimistic that you can and will change your financial situation.


If you consistently find yourself running out of cash and struggling to pay your bills, vow to follow these strategies to change your spending behaviors. You have the choice to alter your financial habits in powerful ways. You can do it!

Thank you for stopping by and checking out our 
Top 10 Budgeting Strategies To Help You Curb Overspending! Which tip was your favorite? Any other tips you'd like to add? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

If you enjoyed this post, we’d be very grateful if you’d help it spread by emailing it to a friend or sharing it on Twitter and/or Facebook. Don't want to lose this? Pin it on Pinterest so you can get back to it later!

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