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Monday, January 3, 2022

How to Make Your Simple Home Look Luxurious

How to Make Your Simple Home Look Luxurious
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Everybody wants their home to look lush and beautiful, but if you (like everyone not a billionaire) are on a budget, then you’re probably not planning on hiring a decorator to redo your design in the new year. But, a couple long years of a pandemic have worn upon America’s collective souls, and it’s time to update your decorations. You want something which gives the luxurious warmth your family and friends want to relax into, but also the simplistic modern design which is itself relaxing.  How can you make your simple home look luxurious?

Use Metal in Your Design

Metallics do not, of course, make luxury in and of themselves, but add an antique element to your spaces. Try metal tiles in your kitchen backsplash or add shine in bathroom hooks. Humans are genetically programmed to search for shiny things because water has that sheen, which leads to both the love of metals of all kinds and the love of other shiny items like gemstones and glass. Whether hammered bronze or copper, which are both on trend, or an aluminum industrial element, adding in metallics can create a luxury feel to your space.  

Paint With Neutral Colors

Neutrals are so much more than white and cream! Almost every color has a neutral-edged counterpart on the color wheel, which can help make any color you love into a neutral if you can figure out what to add to create the usable neutral you need. Reds, greens, and blues also have neutral variations. This gives you the chance to choose options which fit your own taste, but which are neutral in texture. Bold colors tend to visibly distract from your décor items in a room. But in contrast, neutrals give you the chance to have both rich wall color, and also the gentle colors which enhance and bring out every treasured item and picture.

Add a Pool

While you might not want an Olympic-sized pool in your yard, the addition of a pool can add a great deal of luxury to your property. If your lot is oddly shaped, or it’s difficult to access the backyard, don’t despair! Concrete pump trucks can easily reach over your fence and other obstacles on your property. This gives you the freedom of being able to add in both luxury and functionality to your yard. Make sure to budget in the safety aspects which will make sure that both children and others will be protected when not in use.

Use an Anchor Piece

When purchasing furniture, it can be tempting to go through a series of cheap pieces, all of which both feel cheap when using them, and also break down easily. The reason that vintage classics stay both classic and vintage is that they have withstood the test of time. Look for a piece which is both well made, heavy, and which can likewise become vintage. Design around such, and your home will have some pieces which can continue to add luxury over time.


What lends both luxury and oxygen to a space? Your plants need not be the more trendy, nor expensive in order to be useful to you in creating the luxurious look you crave. Try groupings of similar types of plants together in similarly styled pots, so as to have variance of texture but a rich, monochromatic look. Look for those plants which are easy to care for, in varying heights. The bonus of using plants is that you get an extra boost of oxygen and calm by using them in your spaces!


While you’re adding metal into a space, one easy way to add both it and luxury is to change out your lighting! There are gorgeous options for adding a sculptural piece which can both make your space look luxurious without adding clutter, and also help lower the ceiling to only slightly above your viewpoint. Many modern homes have tall ceilings, particularly in living rooms and entryways, and the lighting left by contractors are generally not conducive to adding luxury! When you search for lighting, look for pieces which will add the modern feel while also offering classic design. You want something which your family can use for decades, and the next owners of the home will beg you to leave for their enjoyment.


Nothing says luxury like a lack of, well, mess. If your budget is strained and you want to make it possible to have a modern feel to your home, remember—less is more! Designers work hard to create a visual continuity in luxury homes by using neutral colors on walls and furnishings such as desks or bookcases, which then blend visually into the wall space. Items on shelving should be minimized, and collections placed together so that they can be more congruous. 

It can be complicated if you like to collect several types of items. Try grouping them together. As always, go through things like books, toys, blankets, knick knacks, and other items often. Collect things that you no longer use or love to give away and bless other families. By removing things that are no longer useful to you in your home, you give the option of bringing in décor items which you do indeed adore and will use happily. By removing those things which are extras- extra frames, extra books, extra furnishings—you can create a space which is peaceful to the eye, which automatically makes it more welcoming to guests.

Luxury can be less expensive than you think! By removing items which you no longer use, you are freeing up space where you can enjoy your design, and having more space is perhaps the most useful and luxurious hack of all! Make sure your lighting is both bright and beautiful. Add in your plants and an anchor piece, while considering how nice a pool would be next summer. Look for those subtle sheens, both in your metallics and the warm neutrals which can make your room glow!

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Thursday, December 23, 2021

How to Add to Your Home in a Way That Boosts Your Equity

How to Add to Your Home in a Way That Boosts Your Equity
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Your home is already a fantastic investment, but there are some things that you can do to increase the value of your home and boost your equity. Because remodels, upgrades, and additions cost money, it is important to focus on the areas that will bring the greatest return on the investment. Here are eight ways to increase the worth of your home.

Make a Simple Cosmetic Change

Sometimes, the simplest changes can make the biggest difference. One area where this is true is curb appeal. Improving your home’s curb appeal with a simple cosmetic change is one way to get a big return on a small investment. Ways to improve curb appeal include applying a fresh coat of paint or adding new siding. Neutral paint colors are generally better for appealing to a wide audience, and installing high-end siding can significantly increase the value of your home. Another good option for improving curb appeal is to update your landscape design. A beautifully designed front yard is a great attention grabber and huge selling point. At the very least, improve upon the landscaping you already have. Rake leaves, remove weeds, trim bushes, improve the quality of your grass, and plant eye-catching flowers.

Add a Room

One of the best ways to increase home value is to expand the number of rooms. This can be done in a number of ways. One way is to add new construction. This gives you the most flexibility for the type and size of room that can be added. Furthermore, this will increase the total square footage of your home, which provides an automatic raise in value. Another common way to increase room number and square footage is to finish an unfinished basement. The size and shape of your basement will be a determining factor, but generally, unfinished basements can be turned into several rooms, such as a game room or theater, bathroom, and bedroom. The least invasive way to add a new room to your home is to create two rooms out of one larger space. Just be careful that this isn’t done at the expense of other popular features, such as a vast family room or large master bedroom. Be cautious with garage conversions. If a garage conversion makes parking or storage a problem, it might not be a boon.

Install Hardwood Floors

The quality of flooring can make or break the general appeal of your home. A classic flooring that is always in high demand is hardwood. Hardwood flooring comes in a variety of sheens, colors, textures, and plank sizes, which makes it a versatile choice for any room. Hardwood flooring is also durable, especially if you choose distressed variations for high-traffic areas. Changing your flooring is a relatively inexpensive way to increase the value of your home and create a timeless and lovely aesthetic.

Add a Deck

Decks provide an extension of your home where you can entertain in style. Additionally, they create a usable outdoor space for relaxation. Decks provide room for hosting parties and other gatherings at your home. People love to gather outside, and hosting outdoors requires less cleaning up before and after. Spending time out of doors is a proven mood booster and it is known to foster better physical and emotional health. A deck or patio is a must-have for today’s homeowners. Adding one will increase the value of your home significantly.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

If your kitchen is dated, updating it is one of the best things you can do to increase your home equity. Modern kitchens are a requirement for contemporary home buyers. Most importantly, upgrade your cabinets, countertops, appliances, faucets, and light fixtures. Your cabinets should be spacious and user-friendly, as well as durable and trendy. Countertops should be composed of a sturdy and timeless material, such as quartz or granite. Eco-friendly and smart appliances are also top sellers. And replacing dated faucets and light fixtures is an easy and inexpensive way to create a coveted kitchen design and increase home value.

Remodel Your Bathrooms

Kitchens and Bathrooms are the most important rooms to update for increased appeal and equity. Install a chic new vanity and sink combo. Replace dated mirrors with modern versions. Substitute old linoleum or cracking tile with hardwood. Install a free-standing tub. Create a unique walk-in shower with an attractive backsplash and glass doors. Trade out old-fashioned light fixtures for new, fashionable ones. All these changes will make your home more appealing and increase its worth.

Install New Windows and Doors

If you have an older home, chances are your windows are beginning to decay. Also, today’s windows offer better efficiency and provide you with more attractive options. On that same note, older doors tend to be flimsy and made of basic builder-grade materials. New, attractive, eco-friendly windows and doors pour value into your home, provide greater weather protection, save you money on utility bills, and increase curb appeal. While you are at it, think about updating your window treatments. The old, bent aluminum blinds or dated curtains of yesteryears are eyesores that detract from your home’s worth. Trade them out for practical solar blinds, versatile Roman shades, trendy bamboo blinds, eco-friendly woven wood roller shades, or custom drapes.

Make Your Home a Smart Home

Smart home automation is becoming more and more popular for today’s buyers and will soon become a necessity. Automated features under high demand currently are lights, thermostats, doorbells, locks, home security, and major appliances. Making your home a smart home is a great way to get the most bang for your buck. Installations are relatively inexpensive, and the increase in value is substantial.

These are a few simple changes that you can make to increase the value of your home. Every dollar added to the value of your home equals that much in additional equity. Many of these upgrades will also provide a better lifestyle for you and your family, boost your entertaining power, and be more energy-efficient. Updating your home is always a win-win, for protecting your investment and providing your family with the best possible life.

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Monday, October 25, 2021

Popular Home Improvements People Are Financing with Home Equity

Popular Home Improvements People Are Financing with Home Equity
This post contains paid affiliate links, please read our Advertising Disclosure Statement.

The equity of your home is the current market value of the property and the balance of the outstanding loan you have. The equity you have can be turned into a form of cash. To increase your home’s equity, you pay off the loan and add value by performing maintenance. Reinvest the equity you have back into your home by making home improvements to further improve your return on investment. 

Kitchen Upgrades 

The kitchen is the centerpiece of your home. Countertops and cabinets are used multiple times a day. Because of their extensive use, it is important to invest in nice materials to maintain their life and quality. Material that holds well for countertops includes granite, quartz, natural stone, and other solid surfaces. Cabinets open and close frequently and put up with a lot of spills. Investing in durable wood that has stain and scratch-resistant coating will prolong the life of your kitchen. It is important to remember that cabinets and countertops are semi-permanent features, choosing high-quality materials will save you money without the need to replace them frequently. 

Bathroom Remodels 

Every individual needs a space where they can relax and recharge. Getting ready in the morning is an important routine that should feel luxurious. Investing money into your master bath, especially into custom lighting and a spacious shower, will spoil you and bring your bathroom to a new level. New showers with glass doors tend to be cleaner as they do not harvest bacteria as much as a shower curtain (when cleaned regularly). Custom lighting can significantly improve your getting-ready experience. With a bathroom that looks expensive, you not only give yourself a place to enjoy getting ready, but you also increase the home’s value. 

A New Roof 

The environment can have a major impact on the integrity of your home’s roof. Over time, your roof loses its structural integrity from heavy snow, rain, strong winds, and direct sunlight. Shingles and gutters need to be cleaned out frequently to avoid the buildup of debris, leaks, and permanent damage. Occasionally, you need to replace the roof entirely. Replacing the roof will protect your home from collapsing on itself. A new roof can also increase the life expectancy of your home. As your home ages and increases in value, a roof replacement will give you a large return on investment. 

Deck Additions 

Adding a deck to your backyard has high desirability for current owners and an even higher resale value. There are many ways to improve your lifestyle with all the features you can add to a deck. Adding a deck to relax in the sun, host parties, entertain dinner guests, and even host a picnic is perfect for being social and spending time outdoors. With the addition of a deck, you can expand the interior of your home, install an outdoor kitchen, and have the perfect spot for enjoying your morning coffee. Deck additions are the perfect transition piece from the outside to the inside of your home. 

Floor Replacement 

The flooring in your home doesn’t have it easy. Ground surfaces put up with food traffic, pet claws, spills, and anything else that falls by the wayside. With so much dirt and debris involved, it is impressive that your floor holds up as well as it does. It is generally recommended that carpet is replaced every 10 years, or when you first move into a home. This will help combat allergens stuck in the carpet and general upkeeps. Wood and tile flooring lasts longer when taken care of properly. If your floor is warped, scratched, cracked, or dull, it may be time to investigate flooring replacement options. 

Siding and Insulation 

The siding on your home not only contributes to its curb appeal, but it is the most protective layer against the exterior elements. Coupled with insulation, this is what protects your home from extreme temperatures, and pests. Over time your siding and insulation becomes damaged and loses its integrity. Damaged siding can let in pests, rodents, and mold growth. Your insulation will cease to be effective if moisture seeps into it. These unwanted problems can cause extensive damage to your home that is costly to repair. Investing in durable siding and replacing your insulation will better protect your home. Long-term savings include an increase in energy savings and an increase in your home’s value. 

Windows and Doors 

Like insulating your home with high-quality siding, it is worth the investment to upgrade your windows and doors. Your windows and doors act as a barrier from the outside world, without the added benefit of insulation in between. High-quality windows and doors help control the internal temperature, increasing your energy savings. Energy-efficient doors and windows can also help you qualify for energy tax credits and rebates. Newer models are also better at protecting you from UV rays and filtering the light, without adding a unique tint. They are also safer with added technology to prevent break-ins. 


Although people tell you not to “judge a book by its cover”, homes are one of those assets that people immediately judge on what they see. If you want to increase your curb appeal, invest in landscaping. Landscaping is as expensive as you make it, but the more you put into it, the higher value your home will be. Landscaping has been shown to recover 267% of associated costs. Landscaping is also great for controlling water runoff and preventing floods during rainy seasons. Ultimately, tasteful landscaping will attract more buyers and increase the value of your home. 

Your home’s equity increases each year. You stimulate the equity in your home even further when you add value with remodels and maintenance. Using your equity to perform remodels will lower your interest rates, act as a tax deduction, and yield a higher return on investment. Continue to treat your home like an investment by using the equity you build to make home improvements that further boost your home’s value.

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