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Saturday, November 25, 2017

DIY Fall Pumpkin Arrangement Tutorial

This DIY Fall Pumpkin Arrangement was the perfect addition to my Fall decor!!
Be sure to watch the how to Video below!
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Premade Pumpkin arrangement (Wal-Mart)
Glass pillar candle (Dollar Tree)
Glass plate (Dollar Tree)
Small Willow Wreath (Dollar Tree)
E6000 glue (Wal-Mart)
Spray paint (Wal-Mart)
Snippers (Dollar Tree)
Fall florals (Dollar Tree)
Floral Foam (Dollar Tree)

I got the pumpkin arrangement at Wal-Mart and although it's cute the way it is, I wanted to bump its wow factor up a notch and was perfect for this project!

So for this project you're going to take your E6000 glue and glue your taper candle holder to the glass plate and set aside to dry fully.

After your glued base is dry, it's time to paint it with your spray paint; I wanted it to still be translucent so I did a light dusting with the paint. This gave it a colored glass effect.

After the painted base has fully dried it's time to grab your E6000 glue (For long term hold) and glue gun (For immediate hold) and glue your willow wreath to the top of the plate.

Then again with your E6000 glue and glue gun, glue your floral foam to the center of your plate.

Now trim and sort your Fall florals. I pushed all the leaves on each stem towards the top before using my snippers to cut to size.

For the next step I grab my premade pumpkin arrangement and set it on top of the floral foam and added my first row of Fall floral around the base of the pumpkin so I knew where I needed add the rest of my florals.

I then set the premade pumpkin arrangement off to the side and continued working my way around the floral foam adding my Fall florals until I was happy with the look and fullness.

Once I was happy with the look and fullness, I grabbed my E6000 and hot glue gun and glued my premade pumpkin arrangement to the center of my floral foam.

Finally it's time to enjoy your new creation and find it, its new home amongst your Fall decor!!

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